Resolve Residential
Resolve residential is our 3-day intensive intervention programme aimed at disaffected young people: Delivered at a countryside activity centre just outside Birmingham. Our approach is both theoretical and practical in that we incorporate all the traditional activities experienced at a residential i.e. Abseiling, Rock Climbing and Archery etc however in the learning time we incorporate all Prevention Through Education modules i.e. Knife Crime, Guns Gangs and Postcodism.

What are the benefits of resolve residential?
  • An innovative issue based excursion ideal for groups of 10 -20
  • Young people are enabled to rethink outside of their normal environment
  • All theoretical and practical activities will challenge the young peoples perceptions as well as promote positive thinking,
  • Young people sign up to 4P’s (Personal Pledges Promoting Positivity) to take back to their neighbourhoods
  • All participants receive a completion certificate, which evidences 20 hours of PTE project work.

    What is included?
  • All resources
  • All meals and Accommodation
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